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Yukon Fire Protection Services


Fire Protection Services, Mass Notification and More Throughout Alaska

Yukon Fire Protection Services provides solutions for businesses in Alaska. From central station monitoring to fire extinguishers, we can handle whatever you need. We'll design engineer, service, and maintain your fire protection service, depending on what you require. 
We sell fire fire measuring cylinder and fire extinguishers and more in Anchorage, AK

Fire protection services

At Yukon Fire Protection Services we handle a wide range of things, from central station monitoring to compliance inspections and more. We can also handle certain types of material removal and product installation for sprinklers and fire extinguishers.
We offer complete engineering, installation, and inspection services, and also the repair of all types of fire protection systems and equipment. 


Some examples of products we carry include: flame and gas detection systems, sprinklers, portable fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems and more. Get in touch to see all of the items we carry.
Fire Alarm Systems is what Yukon Fire Protection Services was founded on, and no one does it better. We know the equipment, we know how to design and install it, and we know it saves lives and precious valuables

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Systems is what Yukon Fire Protection Services was founded on, and no one does it better. We know the equipment, we know how to design and install it, and we know it saves lives and precious valuables.
Since our company has been a certified distributor for Gamewell-FCI fire alarm systems for decades, we have very close relationships with this manufacturer. We maintain a complete mastery of their entire product line, and also count many years of experience with other component manufacturers such as EST, Firelite, Honeywell, Simplex, Notifier, Siemens as well as others in servicing these systems. We are the fire alarm system experts, and we deliver top quality service for the best possible value. 

All of our teams have the highest qualifications, and stand ever-ready to handle all types of fire safety system types for all types of applications

Sprinkler & Fire Suppression Systems

Fire Suppression systems designed installed or serviced by Yukon Fire Protection Services give our customers an advantage. This is because we work with the leading fire suppression component manufacturers. We purchase in volume, and maintain the highest proficiency in all fire suppression systems, so we can build the best systems with the highest quality, at prices that are very easy on your budget.

Our team holds many qualifications, so they can easily perform renovations or upgrades for any type of fire suppression system or component. Most Local Jurisdictions in Alaska require Sprinkler systems to be monitored. Many insurance organizations require the services of a UL Listed Central Station in order to provide you with the proper discounts on your premiums. Our Central Station Monitoring services are 24/7 and UL Listed. A UL Listed Central Station assures the highest level of staff training, equipment reliability and redundancy.

If you need a fire suppression system inspected, modified, repaired or designed, call us today at 907-563-3608

Fire & Gas Panel Fabrication

Yukon Fire Protection Services has an in house design staff that is available for your panel fabrication needs. 

Marine Vessels & Offshore Platforms

When you are out at sea, whether onboard a vessel or a stationary offshore platform you need to be self-sufficient. Keeping your crew safe is priority number one.

Whether it be your galley, the engine room, the helipad or control room, Yukon Fire Protections MARINE solutions offer a full-range of high-performance fire detection and suppression solutions to help you safeguard your people and protect your investments.

Prmary Hazards we can protect:
• Control rooms
• Battery rooms
• Telecommunications gear and equipment 
• Electrtical areas
• Flammable liguids 
• Chemical storage
• Cargo spaces
• Galleys and Cooking Equipment 
• Generator rooms
• Heliports and Helidecks
• Machinery and Mechanical Rooms
• Mud-Pits
• Pump rooms 
• Drill rigs

With these applications:
• Detection and Control Systems - from conventional to addressable
• Foam Agents and Hardware – from Class B Polar Solvents AFFF Foam, to proportioners, nozzles and eductors 
• Gaseous Fire Suppression such as High Pressure CO2 and INERGEN
• Industrial Systems such as dry chemical skids
• Portabel Extinguishers such as cartridge operated dry chemical hand helds to clean agent type
• Resteraunt Fire Suppression Systems 

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